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As Police Search For Drone That Flew Over Sox Game, Experts Remind Operators Of Rules

BOSTON (CBS) - Boston Police are looking for whoever illegally flew a drone over Fenway Park during Thursday night's Red Sox game.

"It started doing this thing where it would drop really fast and go back up and drop and spin," said Chris O'Brien, who was at the game.


Certified commercial drone pilot David Murdoch says flying over people is never allowed. He says you can't fly a drone above 400 feet, you need to see it at all times and be aware of restricted zones.

"You're not allowed to fly within five miles of a towered airport, so Logan, for example. Fenway is well within that five-mile range. You can fly if you notify the air tower of what you're doing," said Murdoch.

Drone pilot David Murdoch. (WBZ-TV)

"The problem is there is not one thing that will stop it short of looking for the operator," said WBZ News Security Expert Ed Davis.

Davis explains the technology to shut down a drone is still a work in progress. He says the devices are a real danger over crowds.

"So simply dropping the device on someone could result in injury, but the biggest problem has been in the Middle East, where terrorist groups have deployed these things with ordinances attached to them," said Davis

The Boston Police are reminding people the Boston Marathon is a no drone zone.

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