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Mother Turns In 44-Year-Old Son Who Allegedly Stole Jimmy Fund Donation Can On Thanksgiving

NORWOOD (CBS) --  Most of us have seen the Jimmy Fund coin canisters on store counters -- they collect money for kids with cancer.

But to 44-year-old David DeShiro, it was something to be stolen.

Police say Thanksgiving Day, DeShiro walked into AJ's Market on Walpole Street and took the Jimmy Fund can from the store counter, and then stuffed it under his jacket. The jar contained about $84 in cash.

"I'm pretty shocked that someone would take something from an organization like that without any thought,"said Ravish Verma, who owns the market where the theft occurred.

David DeShiro
David DeShiro, 44, of Norwood. (Courtesy: Norwood Police Department)


But security cameras captured the theft and as soon as police put out his picture, DeShiro's mother recognized him in the video after seeing it on local news.

"She confronted him, and convinced him to do the right thing. Today, he turned himself in. He said he did something stupid," said Norwood Police Sgt. Bob Doucette. "He just said it was a stupid thing to do and he doesn't really know why he did it. He's fully employed, so it's not like he needed the money."

DeShiro hung his head in shame as he was arraigned in Dedham District Court. He was ordered held on $500 dollars cash bail.

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