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Medford Rapper Touring With Ariana Grande Not Hurt In Terror Attack

BOSTON (CBS) - Ariana Grande's opening act at her Manchester, England concert Monday night featured a Medford native.

Bia, a rapper, was not injured in the terrorist explosion at Manchester Arena.

Bia's uncle, Anthony Tamasi, told WBZ-TV he spoke to Bia and that she was not harmed, but is very shaken up and saddened about what happened.

"So far she is going OK. She's scared, but they got out backstage so that was good in a way," Tamasi said.

"When I watched the news and saw the devastation, one person can cause all that. It's just a concert for kids and adults."

Rapper Uncle
Anthony Tamasi. (WBZ-TV)

Tamasi said Bia and her crew had packed up and left the arena out of the backstage exit a few minutes before the explosion.

The family is waiting for a call from Bia about whether the rest of the tour will be cancelled or if it will go forward.

She tweeted her heart is broken and she's praying for everyone involved.

Bia's real name is Bianca Landrau.  She's a graduate of Medford High School.

Just after noon Tuesday, she posted a message on Facebook, saying "I need you guys to send your love to the families and my sis @arianagrande."

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