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'Are We Next' Spray Painted At Entrance Of Wellesley Middle School

WELLESLEY (CBS) -- The spray-painted words "are we next" greeted Wellesley Middle School students as they walked into school Tuesday morning.

'Are we next' spray painted at Wellesley Middle School (Courtesy Photo)

Police responded to the school and were working with the school's administration to figure out who graffitied the phrase overnight.

"Right now, we are settling in for our day," said Principal Mark Ito. "We are communicating with staff and students, and ensuring them of their safety."

The school has removed the vandalism.

There have been no other reports of similar graffiti at other schools.

"I don't know if it was a kid pulling a prank, and a kid who's scared themselves asking this question, that's not unreasonable in this climate," a mother of a student said.

Another mother believes that the graffiti is an act of bullying.

"This has to be taken seriously, our kids' lives are at stake. We came here because my husband had been hijacked at gunpoint in South Africa, and we moved to a safe community, but this doesn't happen in South Africa. In South Africa it's individual one on one crime, not mass shootings, because guns are banned there," she said.

Police said they are still investigating and have not classified the graffiti as a threat.

Anybody with information is asked to call the school and ask to speak with an administrator or Principal Ito.


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