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Archie Manning On Toucher & Rich: Who Will History Remember As The Better QB?

Former NFL quarterback and father of two Super Bowl champions, Archie Manning joined Toucher & Rich to discuss Peyton's fight to return to the NFL, Eli's success, development of young quarterback and Tom Brady vs. Peyton.

After Peyton sat out last season and went under the knife people wondered if the quarterback would return to the game and would it be with the Colts. If he did return would he even be the same player? What were conversations like with Peyton during this time of uncertainty?

"Well he kind of just kept grinding."

They went on to discuss Peyton being let go by the Colts and then having to find a place to play.

"He had to immediately turn around and find a new team. That was pretty difficult too because he said it was almost back like you were going to college because every team sounds good and quite a few teams were talking to him."

They then went on to talk about Eli's success in New York with the Giants and having to come into the league after his brother.

Plus who will be remembered as the better quarterback Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

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