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April Fools: Some Fall For 'Selfie Shoes' Prank

BOSTON (CBS) -- Did you fall for this one?

Shoe retailer Miz Mooz put out a video advertising "selfie shoes" for their April Fools' Day prank.

They're promoted as an alternative to the "selfie stick," which have recently been banned at some music festivals.

Just put your smartphone into a docking port on the shoe, lift your leg and tap the sensor with a toe to snap the photo.

"No matter where you go you'll always be camera ready," the video claims. "The great thing about the selfie shoes it that you'll no longer need to use your arm so both hands are free to be in the photo."

Not everyone realized this was a joke.

USA Today had to add a clarification to an online article that it wasn't "legitimate news."

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