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Woj Says Celtics Have Been 'Hawking Anthony Davis For Years'

BOSTON (CBS) -- It's been at least a few days since we've heard a Celtics-Anthony Davis rumor, but thankfully, Adrian Wojnarowski is here to get us out of that funk.

Davis is having another superstar season for the Pelicans, well on his way to earning a spot on the All-NBA team for the fourth time in his career. When that happens, New Orleans will be able to offer him a super-max extension worth $230 million over five years.

But there's a good chance that Davis, 25, won't want to spend five more years as the face of a franchise that doesn't really have a shot in the Western Conference. If Davis turns down that offer, New Orleans will have no choice but to trade him, and teams will be lining up to give them anything they want for the five-time All-Star.

The Celtics figure to be at the front of the line, thanks to their stable of young players and bountiful collection of future draft picks. Wojnarowski says they've been enamored by Davis for years, which if you've been following all the trade rumors, seems like an understatement.

But the C's may be battling with their historic rival if (when) Davis becomes available.

"Boston has been hawking Anthony Davis for years," Wojnarowski said in an ESPN video with Zach Lowe. "They always hoped that it would be, whether it's the end of this season or the beginning of next before the trade deadline, that they would gather up all those assets, all those picks Danny Ainge has, [all the] young players, and they'd be the team to be able to get Anthony Davis. But now you have L.A. and if they get shut out in free agency, they're going to have to take all their young players to try to use them to get Anthony Davis."

There is still a lot of basketball to be played this season, and the Celtics are currently focused on winning a title this year -- not winning the offseason this summer.

But Woj compared Davis' current situation to Kevin Garnett's final days in Minnesota. And everyone in Boston remembers how that one turned out.


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