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An Embarrassing Football Game...But Congrats to New Jersey

Yes was an embarrassment.  I understand why you got a little testy when a typically  obnoxious reporter asked you if the team was embarrassed by its performance in Super Bowl Forty Eight.  Of course you should defend yourself and your team. guys did really stink up the place.   Seattle was terrific and I'm really happy for them, that city's first-ever Super Bowl championship......but as great as Seattle was, Denver was equally as bad and I have to say, as the Patriots embarrassed themselves in the last game against the Broncos, and yes they were embarrassing, I'll admit to a glimmer of satisfaction seeing Peyton & Co go down the toilet.  The flush actually started when the Bronco's center hiked the ball about three feet over Peyton's head into the end zone....2-0 Seattle in the first 12 seconds of the game.      Yikes!    Stand up for yourself Manning...and for your team.  You are definitely among the best who have ever played the game, but in Super Bowl 48, you guys embarrassed yourself in front of about 4 gazillion people.

Nice job New made it happen, no security issues, the weather Gods cooperated and you pulled it off without a hitch apparently.    Yes folks, the game was in New Jersey......down-and-dirty, corrupt-to-the-core New Jersey and not in that God-awful place across the river called New York.  For the tens of thousands of Super Bowl fans who trekked there to participate in the weekend festivities......I'm sure by now, you have seen New Jersey and New York the way they should be seen.......IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR.

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