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MAP: Amtrak Proposal Includes New And Enhanced Train Service From Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- Amtrak revealed a plan this week to "grow rail service across America" - serving millions more passengers through new or improved routes over the next 15 years. That plan includes new and enhanced service from Boston and throughout the northeast.

The map released by Amtrak shows new service from Boston to Manchester and Concord, New Hampshire as well as Boston to Springfield and Albany, New York. The Downeaster line would be enhanced, with new service extended to Rockland, Maine.

amtrak new england map
New service is highlighted in light blue, enhanced service in yellow and existing service in dark blue (Image credit: Amtrak)

Riders would also be able to take the Vermonter train from Springfield all the way to Montreal, Canada. Additionally, service would be enhanced from Boston to Providence, New York and beyond.

"Amtrak has the national capabilities and expertise in place to operate these new routes - today," the railroad service said. "If Congress provides the funding proposed in the President's plan, Amtrak would be able to bring the [Northeast Corridor] to a state of good repair and improve trip times, and would also expand Amtrak to underserved communities across the nation."

Amtrak's proposal comes as President Joe Biden unveiled a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. Billions would be devoted to "invest in reliable passenger and freight rail service."

"There are currently projects just waiting to be funded that will give millions more Americans reliable and fast inter-city train service," the White House said in a statement. "President Biden is calling on Congress to invest $80 billion to address Amtrak's repair backlog; modernize the high traffic Northeast Corridor; improve existing corridors and connect new city pairs; and enhance grant and loan programs that support passenger and freight rail safety, efficiency, and electrification."

Click here to see the full map and proposal from Amtrak.

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