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'It's A Disgrace': American Flags Vandalized On Canton Overpass

CANTON (CBS) – Flags put up on an overpass in Canton to honor veterans and those lost serving in the military were vandalized with graffiti.

"I believe that's to portray bleeding stars of some sort," said Henry Krueger as he pointed out the spray paint on an American flag.

He found the American flags that hung on an overpass as a sign of patriotism were desecrated.

Henry Krueger
Henry Krueger holds vandalized American flag (WBZ-TV)

"Upset you know. I was pissed off," said Krueger.

Krueger helped hang the once pristine flags on the Green Lodge Street Bridge over I-95 in Canton. He also made this discovery Thursday.

"A flag disgraced with anarchy," said Krueger as he showed another flag.

Using his cell phone, he documented the damage to five of the flags. There's no way to tell who spray painted them.

"Sickle and hammer, upside down cross," said Krueger of another symbol painted on a flag.

Every Memorial Day for the past five years, Henry and a small group have hung American flags on the overpass. They take the flags down sometime after Veterans Day. In all that time, this is the first time someone has defaced the flags.

Flag vandalized
Flag vandalized in Canton (WBZ-TV)

Krueger removed the flags and brought them to the Canton American Legion where they will properly dispose of them.

We asked the members to take a look.

"We got some really sick people out there. It's a shame. It's a shame to see it," said veteran Joe DeFelice.

"It's a disgrace and as a veteran of the country, I feel hurt by this display," said John Carrington, Commander of Canton American Legion Post 24.

"No respect, no respect at all," said Glen Hannington of the Sons of the American Legion.

Krueger is not a veteran. He loves his country and that's what motivates him to hang the flags.

"It's there to honor veterans and those who have served and just bring us together," said Krueger.

He vows to keep displaying the American flags over the highway for all to see.

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