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'Acts Of A Predator': Man Posing As Uber Driver Accused Of Attacking 8 Women In Boston

BOSTON (CBS) – A Rhode Island man charged in January with posing as an Uber driver to kidnap and rape a woman after she left a Boston bar has been charged with "chillingly similar crimes" against seven other women.

Alvin Campbell, the brother of Boston City Councilor Andrea Campbell, was already being held on $250,000 bail. He now faces multiple charges of rape, kidnapping, and recording a nude person without consent for crimes that allegedly happened between 2017 and 2019.

Investigators say Campbell targeted women at or near bars who were intoxicated and had summoned a ride share driver.

"The attacks on these women are the acts of a predator," District Attorney Rachael Rollins said. "Women are entitled to go out and enjoy themselves without the fear of being preyed upon, kidnapped or raped."

Campbell last worked for Uber in 2016, but when his vehicle was seized, it was "festooned with Uber stickers and logos," according to the DA's office.

Campbell was arrested in January on charges he raped a woman that he picked up from the Harp after a holiday party. Investigators said the woman did not remember anything until she woke up at his home in Cumberland, RI.

Rollins said the eight women who reported the assaults showed "incredible bravery and courage."

No arraignment dates have been set for the new charges against Campbell.

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