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Allegiant Airplane Blows Out Tire After Rough Landing At Logan

BOSTON (CBS) -- An Allegiant Air aircraft traveling from Tennessee to Boston blew out a tire on Sunday after what passengers described was a rough landing on the airfield at Logan Airport.

There were no injuries, and the 154 passengers and six crew members deplaned on the tarmac using air stairs, where they were then assisted by firefighters and bussed to the terminal.

Passenger Kent Earle relived the horrifying moments he encountered and captured on his cellphone while landing at Logan Airport on Sunday.

"Scariest thing ever," said Earle. "You're hearing, 'Brace. Brace. Stay down. Head down.'"

Emergency landing allegiant
(Photo Credit: Kent Earle)

Earle says he and his wife were returning from visiting a daughter in Tennessee for parents weekend when the flight they were on, Allegiant 2601 to Boston, ran into technical problems.

"The landing gear didn't go down right. And then all of the sudden, full on gas, [the plane] starts going up, and we're like, 'Oh no.'"

While they were in the air attempting to land a second time, Earle began texting his loved ones, giving them instructions to take care of his daughter.

Moments later, a flight attendant got on the intercom system.

"When she started saying, 'Everybody, we're going to be doing an emergency landing. We're going to ask you, if you hear us say 'Brace, Brace.' I literally thought this was it."

Fortunately, the plane did land safely on the runway.

Allegiant Air 2
(Photo Credit: Kent Earle)

"When we landed, and everybody's is in 'Brace, brace, brace,' and it came to a stop, everybody started clapping," said Earle.

Regarding the incident Sunday, Allegiant released a statement saying:

Flight 2601 from Knoxville (TYS) to Boston (BOS) experienced a blown tire upon landing.

Because the plane was disabled on the airfield, passengers deplaned via air stairs and were bussed to the terminal. There were 154 passengers and six crew members on board the aircraft. There were no injuries.

For their inconvenience, we refunded passengers for this segment of their flight, and gave them $100 vouchers to use for future travel.

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