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JetBlue To Begin Service From Boston To Dallas

BOSTON (CBS) - JetBlue Airways will begin three non-stop flights from Boston to the Dallas Ft. Worth Airport on May 1 of next year.

The announcement was made by the airline's Vice President, Sales & Revenue Management Dennis Corrigan on Tuesday evening at the New England Business Travel Association holiday party at the Charles Hotel in Cambridge.

Tickets will go on sale December 13 with a fare sale to be announced in the next few days.

According to Corrigan, the Dallas service had been under consideration for several months and is the most requested city that JetBlue does not serve out of Boston.

JetBlue will now serve 44 non-stop markets from Logan Airport.

JetBlue becomes the second low cost carrier to announce new Texas service within a week after American announced it was taking a Chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize the airline in the next 18 months. Spirit Airlines has announced new flights to Dallas from Logan Airport next year.

American has five major hub cities and Dallas ranks number one. It is also a major international flight destination. AA has its headquarters in the Dallas area.

Dallas-Ft. Worth will be a new city for JetBlue flights and it marks the first time that the airline has initiated flights in Boston, before it started a new service at JFK Airport in New York. It is the biggest market in the U.S. not served by the airline.

"Boston is a very important market for us for both business and leisure travel and this announcement shows it," added Corrigan.

Bob Weiss
Bob Weiss, CBS Boston travel contributor

JetBlue continues to expand its operations in Terminal C at Logan Airport and is also reviewing the Providence, Rhode Island market for service next year.

The crowded conditions and airline delays at JFK Airport and the New York/New Jersey market continues to make Boston a strong growing part of the JetBlue flight system. The importance of getting more business travel can be seen in JetBlue's sponsorship of the NEBTA party and the location to make this new destination announcement.

Bob Weiss's All Things Travel Reports can be heard on WBZ News radio.

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