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All Things Travel: Logan Fliers Shocked By Trump Win

BOSTON (CBS) - At 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday, passengers boarding planes at Logan Airport were surprised by the outcome of the presidential election.

The general reaction, though, was that the country would move forward.

Most travelers had gone to bed early to make their morning flights, arriving at Logan's JetBlue Terminal C more than two hours prior to departure.

When the TSA security line opened to check-in passengers, there were already 47 people in line. The first couple in line was from Israel. They were flying to JFK Airport in New York and they summed up the feeling of most of the people waiting to check in.

"We followed the election closely over there and the polls favored Clinton," said the wife. "We'll wait and see, but we are shocked."

A flyer going to Fort Lauderdale repeated a line heard many times during the campaign: "If Trump wins, I'm moving to Canada," he said with a shrug.

A Braintree family of four going to Orlando said that the country would move on. The daughter proudly showed her t-shirt with the words 'First Timer Going To Disney World.' They were off on vacation for a week.

Two businessmen having coffee were surprised. Seasoned travelers from Japan, one pulled out a cell phone that had a graph showing that the Japanese stock market had fallen 5.1 percent. It was nighttime in Japan and the market was closed.

"I'm surprised and not happy with the outcome," said a TSA agent, over coffee.

When you look back on the campaign, Donald Trump may have outworked Hillary Clinton. His ever-present jet with 'Trump' in big letters was a good backdrop at airports.

"All Things Travel" reports with Bob Weiss can be heard on WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

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