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Al Horford Discusses Sister's Twitter Roasts, Acclimating New Celtics Players

BOSTON (CBS) -- Everyone in the basketball world knows that if you openly criticize Al Horford, you better be prepared to get roasted online by his sister.

She has famously gone after our own Mike Felger. She went after Atlanta Hawks fans when Al's return to Philips Arena was not an entirely pleasant experience:

And she completely roasted (bad pun intended) Draymond Green's hypocrisy about dirty play:

Though her Twitter game is well-known, Al himself told Rich Shertenlieb and Jon Wallach that he doesn't follow the action too closely.

"That's funny. Honestly, I don't really read much or read anything. So I really don't know what she's saying or talking about," Horford said on Thursday's Toucher & Rich program. "But I do hear from time to time, media people will be like, 'Hey, your sister's something.' I honeslty have not seen anything that she has said. I've never checked her Twitter account."

Rich Shertenlieb then shared the Draymond Green tweet with Horford.

"Oh my gosh," Horford said with a laugh. "I didn't know she was talking like this. It's like she has a double personality or something. When she's with me, she's never saying anything like that."

Moving on to actual basketball, Horford was asked about how the Celtics will tackle the challenge of returning just four players from last year's team. Horford said that continuing the culture and dedication that's been evident in recent Celtics teams will just be a matter of leading by example.

"With Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier and Jaylen [Brown] and myself, we understand it. We've lived it," Horford said. "And the way that we play and the way we'll carry ourselves, I feel like it would be contagious and the guys will get it."

And when it comes to now playing against Isaiah Thomas?

"It's going to be very, very weird," Horford said. "Very strange. IT gave everything he had. At this point, I just wish him health, wish for him to be well, and when it's time to go, it's time to go. We learn a hard reality of the nature of the business and how teams have to make decisions for what's best for the future. It'll be very competitive and it'll be a lot of fun."

Listen to the full interview above!

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