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Firefighters warn consumers after air fryer catches fire at Massachusetts home

Air fryer catches fire in Shrewsbury
Air fryer catches fire in Shrewsbury 00:19

SHREWSBURY - Firefighters are warning consumers after an air fryer caught fire at an apartment in Shrewsbury on Thursday.

Firefighters said they got a call reporting the air fryer was smoking uncontrollably. When they arrived on the scene, they said the air fryer was on fire and the apartment was full of smoke. The fire was quickly put out and no injuries were reported.

An air fryer that caught fire in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Shrewsbury Fire Department

The air fryer is a Power XL brand and firefighters said it's been linked to numerous safety recalls. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall back in December 2023 for potential burn hazard. The Shrewsbury Fire Department has since contacted the CPSC to request they analyze the air fryer and determine if further recalls are needed.

Firefighters ask consumers who own the Power XL air fryer to keep an eye on the CPSC website to see if another recall is issued.

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