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3 Penguin Chicks Of Endangered Species Make New England Aquarium Debut

BOSTON (CBS) -- Three baby African penguins made their debut at the New England Aquarium in Boston Thursday. The endangered little chicks hatched just two months ago.

They now weight about six or seven pounds, which is the size of an adult, according to the aquarium. Even though they are full-grown, "juvenile birds do not sport the black and white plumage of their parents but rather a shiny, steel grey color that clearly identifies them as this or last year's young."

Three African penguin chicks made their debut at the New England Aquarium Thursday (Photo Courtesy: New England Aquarium)

Two of the three chicks are siblings.

The third's father is Roast Beef, the aquarium's most famous penguin who has become popular through dozens of field trips and starring in marketing campaigns.

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