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Adventurer's Guide To The Australian Outback

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It does not matter if this will be your first visit to the Australian Outback or your hundredth. There are so many different adventures available for those wanting to explore the Outback that each and every trip is a new experience. Your adventures may include a mix of everything from natural and historic sites to new adventures and discoveries along the way. No matter where your Australian Outback adventure takes you, you are sure to enjoy the breathtaking views of bright skies, colorful landscapes and sparkling waters.

What Is The Australian Outback

Before planning a trip to the Australian Outback, it is important to know what this area of the world truly is. A majority of the populated areas in this region are located in cities along both the Southern and Eastern coastlines. The Australian Outback encompasses just about everywhere else, covering 6.5 million square kilometers of the country. This area of the country includes some of the most empty and remote areas of the inland portion of Australia. Most Australians will refer to the Outback and wilderness areas outside of the cities as "the bush." The Outback is filled with everything from deserts to waterfalls and natural rock pools to untouched wildernesses.

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Must-See Attractions

One of the most popular Australian Outback icons is the Ayers Rock, and it is definitely something you do not want to miss while exploring the area. Another must-see attraction of the Outback is Alice Springs, a.k.a the "capital of the Outback." Other must-see attractions in the Outback include Gormley Sculptures, Alice Springs, Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park, Mount Augustus, Wave Rock, Kings Canyon Resort, Kakadu National Park, Devils Marbles, West MacDonnell Ranges and Litchfield National Park.

Outback Tours

If you are looking for a guided tour adventure in to the Australian Outback, chances are there is one leaving soon. Tour companies offer all kinds of guided tours to just about anywhere in the Outback you want to explore. Wayoutback Tours will take you into the heart of Tasmania, where you will have a blast seeing the wildlife of Bruny Island and discover shipwrecks. Other tours available through Wayoutback Tours include four-wheel drive safaris that take you to Central Australia, the Top End and the East Coast.

Go into the Outback with born and bred Western Queenslanders, Alan and Sue Smith, the owners of Outback Aussie Tours. The Smiths and their team take pride in showcasing and sharing the Outback's wildlife, history and culture with visitors from around the world. You are sure to love the enthusiasm and knowledge these tour guides provide.

Adventure Tours has won awards for their small group tours into the Australian Outback. For more than 20 years, these guides have taken visitors into the heart of the Outback during three unique tours. All tours offer informative, unique and memorable experiences from the interior of the Outback to the coast. Tours available include glaciers, national parks, volcanoes, wildlife, indigenous culture and world heritage sites.

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Camping And Accommodations

Many visitors prefer to camp while exploring the Australian Outback. This gives them the complete experience during their outdoor adventure. It does not matter if you are backpacking your way across the Outback or rent a camper van, camping in the Outback is the best way to experience this region of the world. All you need is something to sleep in and something to start a campfire. The feeling of being in the great outdoors, combined with the smell of a campfire, is sure to create memories that will last forever.

Those who do not want to camp in the Outback will find plenty of opportunities to sleep at local farms, other tourism accommodations and some private residences. Popular farm stations to stay at include Hamelin Station, Home Valley Station and Merna Mora Station. Many travelers who want to stay in a hotel and resort setting enjoy Ayers Rock Resort.

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There are many different ways for visitors to get around and explore the Outback. Because of the great distances between attractions and destinations in Australia, many visitors prefer to fly around the country. There are several airlines and private pilots that offer travel packages for those wanting to travel within the Outback region. Other travelers prefer to take their time and drive around from destination to destination.

There are coach bus services available to those wanting to get around Australia. Greyhound services all of Australia, including the Outback. Train travel is also available for those wanting to travel across the Outback; one of the most popular is Rail Australia's "Spirit of the Outback" tour. No matter how you choose to get around, your method of transportation will only enhance your Outback adventure.

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Best Time To Explore

Because the Outback is home to several different climate zones, it is possible to visit just about any time of the year and still be able to enjoy beautiful weather. Travelers will run into all sorts of weather changes, including heavy rainfalls, high temperatures, cold temperatures and arid regions. Australian winters, starting in July, can be very cold; however, a majority of the Outback does have warm, dry and sunny days in the winter. Summers in the Outback can be very hot, so those wanting to explore deep into this region may prefer to visit during the winter months. The time you choose to visit is up to the type of climate and weather you want to have during your travels.

Heather Landon (Heather Leigh Carroll) is a freelance writer with more than 20 years of experience. She has combined two of her passions - writing and travel - to share her experiences with others. You can read more of her articles at

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