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Adrianne Haslet Will Not Run Boston Marathon After Being Hit By Car

BOSTON (CBS) - Adrianne Haslet, a Boston Marathon bombing survivor who was hit by a car just last month, will not run the marathon this year.

Haslet made the announcement Friday in a live interview with Norah O'Donnell on CBS This Morning.

After losing part of her left leg in the 2013 bombings, Haslet was training to run Boston again this year. She completed the race in 2016, but didn't make it to the finish line last year.

Then, on January 5, while she was in a crosswalk on Commonwealth Avenue, Haslet was hit by a car.

"I was walking across the street directly in front of my house, just blocks away from the finish line, and out of nowhere, and I know that sounds crazy, a car came and hit me on my left prosthetic. I still have the dent," she said. "It sent me flying in the air, the car did not have headlights on, it did not stop at the crosswalk, I had the right of way."

The driver was cited for failing to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk. Boston Police said dark and rainy conditions may have been a factor in the crash. Haslet ended up with a dislocated left shoulder and three broken bones.

"I remember thinking, 'I'm going to land on my head,' and I tucked my head down and I hit the left side of my body and it shattered all of this here. And I sat up and I felt my arm, my elbow sitting in my lap, even though it should have been higher up and I knew that my arm was not attached to my body," Haslet told O'Donnell.

As result, she's not going to be able to run the 2019 marathon.

"It's so hard, but I'm physically and mentally, but physically unable to do that. I have such little mobility in my arm and it's 65 days away today and I talked with my coach and I talked with my surgeon and I'm not running and I'm not going to be able to train for that kind of distance and it's so impossibly hard to have that taken away from me," Haslet said.

This year's race will be on the sixth anniversary of the bombings.

"It's falling on the day for the first time," she said, "And to take back that day and to be running as a thank you to everyone who's supported me in the running community and Boston and beyond, I just wanted to say thank you."

Haslet said she was not only training to finish the marathon, but she hoped to place her in division for mobility impaired.

The 123rd Boston Marathon will be run on April 15. You can watch live local coverage on WBZ-TV and CBS

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