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A Fan In A Red Sox Hat Tried To Fight Adrian Gonzalez For A Foul Ball

BOSTON (CBS) -- Fans battle each other for foul balls at baseball games on a nightly basis. Fans fighting players for a ball? That's rare.

Former Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, ventured into foul territory to catch a foul ball Monday night at Dodgers Stadium against the Colorado Rockies, and made the catch cleanly - but a fan who was in position to catch the foul ball decided to fight Gonzalez for the ball as if he were just another donk in the stands.

And of course he's wearing a Red Sox hat.

It's not confirmed whether the guy was actually a Red Sox fan, but you can reasonably assume he is - he's certainly not a Dodgers fan. Maybe he resents Gonzalez for under-performing in 2011 before the Red Sox traded him away amid the "chicken & beer" fiasco. Gonzalez was merely a bystander to the team's jackassery and wasn't really the problem, but I digress.

Watch as the fan literally grabs the ends of Gonzalez's glove and tries to rip it open for the ball.

Gonzalez had a few words for the fan, who put his hands in the air and backed away. Whatever Gonzalez said, the fan made an "I just soiled myself" face. There's also a possibility that he thought he was fighting with another fan and gasped in shock when he realized it was Gonzalez. He was just looking at the ball.

The fan was later ejected from the game, because either way he interfered with the game and made a fool of himself.

When asked if he'd ever encountered anything like that with a fan, Gonzalez simply said "Nope." Adults obsessed with foul balls are among the biggest clowns in sports, and they continue to surprise us every day.

Matt Dolloff is a digital producer for and wishes Adrian Gonzalez were still here. Read more from Matt here and follow him on Twitter @mattdolloff.

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