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Adam Jones: Can Patriots Use Same Approach In Their Second Meeting With Denver?

BOSTON (CBS) - Following the Patriots' Week 12 overtime win over the Broncos at Gillette Stadium, Aqib Talib said the game plan was to show the Broncos offense a "two-high" safety look so that Peyton Manning would check into run plays.

It worked.

The Broncos ran the ball 47 times to 36 passes, and Manning was held to by far his lowest yard total of the season (140).

Can the Patriots employ this same approach the second time around?

Or more importantly, did Bill Belichick and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia reveal too much of their scheme in that first meeting?

"I just wonder if the Patriots overplayed their hand. They gave away their strategy that worked so well in a regular season matchup, and now Denver can adjust. Where's the next place that you go if you're the Patriots? Can they use that same game plan defensively?" pondered Adam Jones to open the show.

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While Bill Belichick may not appreciate Aqib Talib being so honest and forthcoming to the media, those postgame remarks will not be the thing that clues Denver in to what the Patriots were doing - after all, there's this thing called game film for that.

It's a moot point though according to Rich Keefe, because the Denver offense was without tight end Julius Thomas on November 24th, so now the approach must change out of necessity.

Put on your coaching hat for a second: if you are Bill Belichick, how do you approach the Broncos come Sunday? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section, and listen below for the full discussion with Adam Jones and Rich Keefe:

Can Patriots Use Same Approach In Their Second Meeting Against Denver?


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