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Abortion rights advocates plan all day rally in Swampscott

Abortion rights advocates hold all day rally in Swampscott
Abortion rights advocates hold all day rally in Swampscott 01:49

SWAMPSCOTT – Demonstrators in Massachusetts and around the country are continuing their efforts Monday after spending the weekend protesting the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Monday morning in Swampscott, abortion rights advocates gathered at the World War II memorial for a protest expected to last throughout the day.

"I'm like the definition of a millennial and I never thought in my lifetime that I would see the overturning of bodily autonomy rights and privacy rights. At 40, it just blows my mind," said organizer Keiko Zoll.  

Elected officials were invited to Monday's protest in Swampscott. Some activists say those officials need to do more to protect the rights of women.  

"Leadership as failed us so we need to retake leadership. Whether that's running for office ourselves or learning about local candidates or supporting other candidates, that's the way to do it," said Zoll. 

Monday's Swampscott protest began at 10 a.m. Organizers said if they exceed capacity at the monument, they'll move to the Town Hall lawn. They are planning on demonstrating until 5 p.m.   

"I just want to be amongst like-minded people and let maybe people who don't have it on their radar screen that this is a really big deal," said protester Kim Nunnari. 

"If this right is taken away my fear is other rights are going to be taken away as well and that's not how this country should be working," said protester Ann Freedman. 

Throughout the weekend, protests were held in various cities and towns around Massachusetts.

Protesters in Boston spoke about how to bring back abortion rights across the country, and how to organize movements.

"Rallies and protests without specific demands calling on the people around us, people in power. So we are here to discuss those next steps," UMass Boston student Emilia Morgan said. "What should we be calling on Gov. Baker to do? What should we be calling on President Biden to do? Because they've shown they're not doing enough."

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