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Racist Graffiti Found On Popular Walking Path In Abington

WEYMOUTH (CBS) - Racist and hateful graffiti was discovered by a woman and her son while walking along a popular path near the Union Point development in South Weymouth.

Tara Conley came across swastikas, slurs, and other hateful words, spray painted on the ground along an abandoned air strip on the old air base. "It just shouldn't be tolerated at all," Conley says.

Conley is Asian-American, and her 24-year-old son is African-American. She says they couldn't believe someone would spread so much hate across a popular area for families. "You get mad and then think, when are we going to be accepted in America?"

Abington Police were called out to investigate since the graffiti was discovered on the Abington side of the property, and a highway crew later covered up the hateful language and symbols painted on the ground.

Conley isn't optimistic anyone will be caught, but she hopes it spreads awareness about hate in the community. "Honestly, I felt so upset, so mad, and I said I had to do something," Conley says, "this isn't the first time, and unfortunately it probably won't be the last."

The Anti Defamation League of New England says hate incidents like this are still at historic highs in the region, so it's important for people to report them. Director Robert Trestan says, "there are people who traffic in hate consistently, and whether it's racism, anti-Semitism, or Islamophobia, they really want to spread it and incite others to follow their lead, so it's really important that when you see it, you call it out."

For Tara Conley and her son, they're hoping for brighter days ahead with less hate. "Hopefully people will be nicer and kinder to each other," she says. "We should have people out here enjoying their walks without feeling offended."

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