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Abington 9/11 Widow Remembers Husband 10 Years Later

ABINGTON (CBS) - A 9/11 widow from Abington is gathering strength from her neighbors on the 10th anniversary of the terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans.

"You don't wake up with that knife-wrenching gut feeling, but every day, you still feel their absence," said Christie Coombs, who lost her husband on 9/11.

Coombs, the widow of Jeffrey Coombs, who died in the attacks, said the past 10 years have been very difficult with a lot of ups and downs, but she finds comfort with family and friends and through a plaque now bears Jeffrey's name.

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WBZ-TV's Paul Burton reports.

"Just seeing everybody come out today, 10 years later... they've been behind us all the way," said Coombs.

Christie and her husband Jeff were married nearly 17 years. On the 10-year anniversary of the attacks, she reflects back by paying it forward.

"In honor of Jeff, in honor of all those who died and in honor of everyone you know, I want you to do a nice act of service," said Coombs. "Pay it forward and ask that person you did the favor for to pay it forward to someone else."

During Saturday night's ceremony, a flag was displayed that showed the nearly 3,000 names of people who were killed in the terror attacks.

"It is a day to remember we may have been altere0d by what occurred 10 years ago, but we must never allow those who did this to change us as Americans or the way that we choose to live our life," said Chief John Nuttall of the Abington Fire Department.

A piece of steel from the World Trade Center was also unveiled at the ceremony.

The Coombs family has established a memorial foundation in honor of Jeffrey. The money raised helps provide assistance to children and families in need.

Over the past 10 years, the group has given out more than $350,000.

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