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A Cigarette With Health Benefits?

BOSTON (CBS) - It's the latest lure by cigarette makers. Companies say their electronic cigarettes offer a blast of vitamins with every puff. They also claim to provide a boost of energy or help a smoker lose weight.

The makers of e-cigarettes have always claimed to be a better alternative to regular cigarettes because they have no tar and less nicotine.

Dr. Edward Eden says there is still reason to be cautious, "they are unregulated and we don't have evidence that they work well." Dr. Eden points out that the vitamin levels may have little to no health benefits.

He also wants people to remember e-cigarettes are still cigarettes, "this form of nicotine delivery device might increase the craving for nicotine."

And critics worry this type of marketing may lead to more smoking, especially among teenagers.

The healthiest option when it comes to cigarettes: kicking the habit altogether.


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