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99 Great Ways To Save, On Travel, From The AARP Bulletin

BOSTON (CBS) - Today's tips from Samantha Brown, AARP's travel ambassador:

99 Great Ways To Save, On Travel, From The AARP Bulletin

For cheaper flights. Look to the earliest and latest flights of the day.

They are definitely cheaper but I have been stuck more than once because the last flight out gets cancelled and you can't get home. Savings may not be worth the aggravation or a lost day. On several occasions I have rented a car and drove home from Philadelphia when I was stuck.

For weekend travel, stay in a business hotel. The road warriors are gone and so are the high prices. These hotels will be in the business district which isn't always the most vibrant part of town but that's a small trade-off if you're getting a good deal.

Last December we were traveling to VA to see our granddaughter and stayed at the Hilton at Dulles Airport. We paid $79 a night, we each got a voucher for $15 toward dinner and a free sit down breakfast in the morning. They did not make much money on us.

Avoid conventions. Cities such as Washington, D.C., Las Vegas and Orlando have the best hotel rates when conventions are not in town. Check out a city's official tourism website under Convention Calendar to spot the best times for a visit.

Summer in Orlando is also the off-season and a room at the Waldorf Astoria is under $200.

Head to ski resorts in the summer. Many ski resorts now have golf courses, tennis, dirt biking and swimming pools available in the summer as well as hiking trails and great food. The Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont is a favorite of ours in the winter but there's lots to do in the summer. All of the great restaurants are there in the summer as well as winter.

If hotel rates seem sky-high, there are often cheaper, legitimate alternatives. Consider finding a room at sites like and; you'll pay less and feel like a local.

That's very true but I am still not comfortable staying in a stranger's home.


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