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911 Dispatcher Honored For Helping Save Man Stuck Between Walls At MBTA Station

BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police honored a 911 dispatcher who helped save a man who became trapped at an MBTA station.

Last Saturday, Moneeka Colston received a call from a man who had fallen and could not move. He could not tell her where he was.

Moneeka kept him on the line for more than an hour, tracking him down to an area between two walls at Back Bay Station.

Colston, a nearly 20-year veteran dispatcher, said she tries to treat each call as if it's one of her family members.

MBTA rescue
Boston Firefighters breached a wall to rescue a man trapped between two walls at Back Bay Station (Image credit Boston Fire)

"I try to put it in the aspect if I had a loved one calling 911 whether it be my mother, my son, and if they were in distress, or hurt, that whoever that 911 call taker was would get as much information as they could possibly get to help my loved one," Colston said. "So I try to treat each call such as a loved one."

Boston firefighters had to knock out a hole in a cinder block wall to rescue the man. The victim had serious injuries and EMS said he is alive because of Colston's work.

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