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$700 Tip Left For Staff 'Made Everyone's Day' At Waltham Restaurant

WALTHAM (CBS) – The staff at a Waltham restaurant were rewarded for their hard work during the pandemic recently with a very generous tip.

A man who's been a regular at Brewer's Tap and Table brought a group of friends with him last Saturday afternoon for drinks and food. Their bill came to $167, but he got his group of 8 to leave a $700 tip.

The act of kindness went a long way. When bartender Kim Twomey saw the tip she started crying.

"It was very, very emotional. It's been hard since Covid. It's been a struggle, that made everyone's day," she told WBZ-TV. "I just don't think he knows how much that really helped everyone out."

$700 tip waltham
The receipt with the $700 tip. (Image credit: Brewer's Tap and Table)

The $700 tip was split among the entire staff, Twomey said.

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