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Bradley Jay: 'Do You Expect To Be Rewarded For Doing Good Deeds?'

My name is Bradley Jay and I host the Jay Talking radio show which airs weekday mornings on WBZ NewsRadio 1030 from midnight to five. Like the Jay Talking Facebook page.

Consider this:

Bradley Jay: 'Do You Expect To Be Rewarded For Doing Good Deeds?'

Here is the situation: You have just bought a piece of furniture from a thrift store and you are relaxing upon it as you enjoy your favorite TV series. The TV remote has slipped between the sofa cushions and as you dig to retrieve it, you find an envelope containing $1,000. A more thorough search of the sofa produces more money, totaling $50,000. One of the envelopes has a name and address on it and you resolve to give the cash to the person named on the envelope.

When you return the cash, do you expect a reward, and if so, how much? Are you a person who will refuse any gratuity for doing the right thing, or do you expect a kickback? If you feel you deserve reward, what do you feel would be a fair amount, considering the large some of money you have returned?

I personally would expect a reward of at least two thousand dollars. Is that so wrong?

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