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'It Could've Killed Her': 6-Year-Old Hurt By Ice From Tractor-Trailer

ANDOVER (CBS) - A Woburn mother says she's grateful her 6-year-old escaped with only minor injuries after a large piece of ice shattered their car window on the highway Thursday, hurting her daughter.

Amanda Grenier was driving as her daughter Avery sat in a booster seat in the back around 1:45 Thursday when she and state police say a large piece of ice flew off the 18-wheeler traveling in front of them on 495 North in Andover, smashing the passenger side of the Toyota's front window.

windshield smashed
A car hit by ice on I-495. (Image from Kristina Rex/WBZ-TV)

"I tried to swerve," Grenier said. "I was beeping like crazy trying to get the guys attention. The guy looked at my car, and he kept driving."

Police picked up the driver's license plate from a witness, and say they're investigating.

Avery was injured by a flying piece of ice on I-495 (WBZ-TV)

Six-year-old Avery suffered scrapes and bruises to her face from the ice and glass that flew through to the backseat. "It could've killed her," her mother said. "It could've killed me, could've killed anyone."

Amanda Grenier
Amanda Grenier and Avery (WBZ-TV)

Grenier's car now sits in a tow lot in Lawrence, the front windshield shattered, shards of glass and ice on the front seats and car seat.

Amanda believes there's an important lesson to be learned from her close call. "Clean off your snow," she said. "If cars have to do it, 18 wheelers have to do it."

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