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Cape Man Wins $30.5M Lottery Jackpot After Girlfriend Dumps Him

HYANNIS (CBS) - Sandeep "Sunny" Singh can hardly catch his breath, posing for pictures with a giant check for $30.5 million.

Just two days ago, this newly minted millionaire was busy working two jobs to help his mom pay the bills.

"Ahh, I'm like overwhelmed right now," he said after cashing in his ticket at Lottery headquarters Wednesday.

He was so busy he nearly missed out on buying his winning ticket. Sunny's sister ran to the AM-PM convenience store in Hyannis to buy a quick pick Mega Millions ticket for him.

Now, other customers are visiting the store hoping lightning strikes twice.

"He did it, I can do it," said a customer purchasing a bunch of tickets Wednesday night.

"Oh yeah, I know him. He works in the Best Buy. He comes all the time. He's a regular customer," said the clerk. He added that he's happy for Sunny because he's "a nice guy."

So how does a 22-year-old spend all this money?

"Helping my mom with her mortgage, helping family, and donate some money to the community," he said. Sunny also mentioned he'd like to get his bachelor's degree in business.

But he won't be buying gifts for a girlfriend. She dumped him a couple weeks ago.

"No, no lucky girlfriend, just broke up with her, Nice. Ha ha. Thank God!" he giggled.

The ex is out of luck. But that just means more winnings to go around for the other ladies in Sunny's life, his mom, his sister, and his baby niece.

"My mom needs the help and my family can definitely use it so God helped us out at the right time," he says.

Sunny took the lump sum of $23 million.

He plans to give two weeks notice at Best Buy and wait until the end of the quarter to leave the bank where he works.

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