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Where They Stand: 2020 Presidential Candidate Views On Health Care


(CBS) - Few campaign issues touch every American as personally as health care. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act a few years ago, to the battle to repeal or replace the massive health care overhaul, this topic is front and center for nearly every candidate in the 2020 presidential race. Here is a look at where they stand.

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Joe Biden (D)
Former Vice President
Biden's plan would build on the most popular parts of Obamacare and create a new, government-run option that would be available to anyone.
• People who are currently not eligible for Medicaid or private insurance would be automatically enrolled in the new public option.
• The public option insurance would cover contraception and abortions.
• Biden wants to provide more tax credits for people who are buying private insurance by sharply increasing the income limits

Michael Bloomberg (D)
Former New York Mayor
Bloomberg's plan would create a medicare-like public option which would be administered by the federal government and paid by customer premiums
• Wants to reverse the Trump administration's modifications on Affordable Care Act
• Wants to expand Medicare to cover dental, hearing, vision care and would require all states to cover oral health services for adults

Pete Buttigeig (D)
Mayor of South Bend, Indiana
• Buttigeig says there should be a Medicare option on the public exchange, but does not support eliminating private insurance.
• He believes "Medicare for All Who Want It" would evolve into Medicare for All.

Lincoln Chafee (L)
Former Rhode Island Senator
• Has not yet outlined a health care plan
• Has previously supported the Affordable Care Act

Tulsi Gabbard (D)
Hawaii Congresswoman
• Gabbard supports Medicare for All.
• Doesn't want to eliminate private insurance, but wants to re-evaluate its role in the system.

Bernie Sanders (D)
Vermont Senator
• Sanders wrote the Medicare for All bill.
• He wants to eliminate private insurance .
• Wants to establish a single source of health-care coverage for prescriptions, medical, vision, dental and mental health care.

Tom Steyer (D)
Hedge Fund Manager
Steyer's plan supports a public option, but only for those who want it
• Does not believe government should get rid of private insurance, but instead make the public option a competitor for private companies to drive lower prices

Donald Trump (R)
President of the United States
• President Trump supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
• Says his administration will announce a new health care proposal in the coming months.
• Has expanded health care choices for small businesses through the use of Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements.

Elizabeth Warren (D)
Massachusetts Senator
• Warren supports Medicare for All and abolishing the private insurance system.
• She wants to pay for the system by taxing the wealthy - 2% on anyone worth more than $50 million, 3% on anyone worth more than $1 billion.
• Limit insurance premiums to no more than 8.5 percent of income.
• Cap out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for those on private plans at $250 a month, or $500 per family
• Wants to set limits on insurance company profits to match what those private insurers can earn from Medicare and Medicaid.

William Weld (R)
Former Massachusetts Governor
Weld's says his plan will not take away anyone's current insurance, whether it is a private insurance or provided by the ACA
• Wants to get rid of regulations that eliminate low-cost health insurance plans
• Wants to cut out the in-between and create a system where the patient has final say

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