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20 Puppies, 4 Dogs Rescued From Randolph Home By Animal Rescue League

BOSTON (CBS) -- Four dogs and twenty puppies were rescued from a Randolph home after police found unsanitary living conditions there earlier this month. Urie Louissaint, 28, of Randolph, now faces animal cruelty charges, according to a joint statement from Randolph Police and the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Officers were initially called to Bossi Avenue house on August 4 because it was reported that a man there threatened a person who was doing work at the residence. Louissaint agreed to let the officers inside and they "found its interior to be in a state of squalor with animal waste throughout."

The dogs and puppies were "allegedly living in unsanitary conditions without adequate access to food and water."

The Animal Rescue League of Boston's Law Enforcement Department was called in to remove the animals from the situation. In all, one male and three female dogs who are about two to four years old, and 20 puppies ranging from two to four months old -- all pitbull-type dogs -- were taken. Some of the dogs have umbilical hernias, which will require surgery before adoption and some of the animals have heart murmurs. One four-month-old puppy has a broken leg so they will remain with the ARL until it's healed.

Randolph-Puppies_6962 (1)
Four dogs and twenty puppies were rescued from a home in Randolph on August 4 (Photo Via Animal Rescue League of Boston)

The puppies are not currently up for adoption. They will continue living with foster families for a few more weeks. The ARL will announce when they are ready for forever homes.

"The Animal Rescue of Boston cannot commend Randolph Police and Animal Control enough," said ARL Law Enforcement Senior Investigator Lt. Alan Borgal in a statement. "Everyone involved in this situation demonstrated a high level of professionalism, compassion and the steadfast commitment to removing these animals from the residence quickly and getting them the care they needed."

Louissaint was charged with 24 counts of animal cruelty and one count of threatening to commit a crime. He was summoned to appear in Quincy District Court on a later date.

Anyone who wants to donate to ARL to help care for animals in need can do so here.

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