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Where's Marty? Giving back at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Where's Marty? Giving back at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery
Where's Marty? Giving back at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery 02:03

Hi Everyone!

Look at this large map and get ready to be stunned.


I lifted this off of the Maryland Food Banks website. 

Don't worry too much about each individual color, just understand that this map is of identified "hunger hotspots," and state wide "food insecurity" hotspots. 

You can go to the Maryland Food Bank's website and see a lot more. Here it is, . It is bad enough to have to worry about monthly bill, much less HUNGER.

K2 and I have taken you to the Maryland Food Bank before. 

We made it our business to pay them a visit in the Spring because hunger does not sleep. 

And we wanted to show you how big the daily food relief effort in this state is at all times of the year. Today, we paid a visit to a Maryland Food Bank event, in partnership with the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, to shine a light on over 350 volunteers packing 8,600 boxed with non-perishable Thanksgiving dinner food items. (The event was on the sprawling Guinness Open Gate campus in Halethorpe.)


Also helping  out were many other cooperate partners such as the Ravens, the Orioles, Transamerica, and others. 

This was a very big deal. And it is around Thanksgiving that you see the press about hunger in this state, and that is good because it shines a light on the rest of the year that's the VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME people are hungry. (A fast shout out now to the boss's at WJZ, who when approached to do this story, did not waste ½ second in saying yes.)  

The 8,600 boxes today are just a part of the 26,000 "boxes" that will be distributed along with a fresh turkey, by the MFB during this holiday season. 

But let's take those numbers further. 

Where's Marty? Learning more about the Maryland Food Bank's annual 'Pack to Give Back' event 03:08

Those 26,000 "boxes" would be Camden Yards a little bit over half full if on each seat. Those "boxes" will probably feed at least 4+ people. That is 104,000 folks that will have dinner at the end of this month. Today was a BIG DEAL.

This mornings segment had a good feel.  

Where's Marty? Packing holiday mealboxes with the Maryland Food Bank at Guinness 02:27

This was a nice way to slide into the weekend. 

And you know what, the nice big "mental hug" we all had this AM goes a long way these days. 

One more time here is the Maryland Food Bank website for more info on the hunger problem in our state, and how you can help should you chose to do so. .

Have a FINE weekend. Find ya some fun and be safe! CHEERS!

     Marty B! 

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