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U.S. Troops Head To Africa To Combat Ebola

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Ebola continues to spread out of control. Now President Barack Obama says the US will respond to the crisis in West Africa where thousands have died.

Meghan McCorkell has more on the moves the White House is making.

President Obama met with leaders at the CDC Tuesday. The organization already has hundreds of people on the ground in West Africa.

It's the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. Now the president is pledging US aid to West Africa.

"We know that if we take the proper steps, we can save lives," he said. "But we have to act fast."

The president's plan will train 500 local healthcare workers a week. He'll send 3,000 US troops to assist with medical and logistical support.

The US will also establish a headquarters in Liberia to coordinate relief.

Nearly 2,500 people have died in the outbreak. US survivor Dr. Kent Brantly spoke in front of Congress Tuesday.

"From the time that I felt sick---just less than two months ago---the death toll has tripled," he said.

Meanwhile, doctors at the University of Maryland School of Medicine are part of an international team developing a vaccine for Ebola.

"About one out of every two people who get this disease are dying," said Dr. Myron Levine.

That's why health officials are trying to put a vaccine on the fast track.

The president stressed there is very little chance of an Ebola outbreak here in the US.

The US troops that will be sent to West Africa will not have direct contact with Ebola patients.

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