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Students Attending Lyric Opera Camp Hitting All The Right Notes

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- You're about to meet some amazing young people--all of them loaded with talent. They're high school students attending the Lyric Opera Camp.

As Ron Matz reports, this summer, they're hitting all the right notes.

They're the beautiful voices of a new generation. This is Lyric Opera Camp.

"This is our fifth year. We are delighted to have students spend four weeks with us. It's free. They write and produce an opera and they will perform it Friday night on the Lyric stage at 7 p.m.," said Dr. Brenda Bow Johnson, coordinator of the Lyric Opera Camp.

Twenty-three students are learning opera and the theater.

"We have 23 very talented youngsters this year. They are from Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Pennsylvania and we have a student from South America," Johnson said.

Marcus Andrews is a student at the Baltimore School for the Arts who is enrolled in Lyric Opera Camp. He says his love of opera began in school.

"I got interested in opera at the Baltimore School for the Arts. I was not interested in anything like this until I started going to school there," Andrews said.

You can tell these kids have become family.

"Opera camp is one of the best experiences I've ever had. I feel like I've developed a really good voice. I'm really proud of myself and proud of everybody here," said Jenna Blosser, a student at Carver Center for the Arts who is enrolled in Lyric Opera Camp.

The students are also writing an opera they will present on the Lyric stage Friday night at 7 p.m.

"They not only write the opera, they learn costuming, wigs and makeup and stage production. They do everything to present this opera. It's a wonderful experience for them to perform on the Lyric stage," Johnson said.

""I've learned a lot more about my voice personally and how to express it more through this camp. I love it. It's amazing," said Juliana Smith, a student at Carver Center for the arts who is enrolled in Lyric Opera Camp.

The Lyric Opera Camp is free. It's fully underwritten by the Batty Foundation and the Rotary Club of Baltimore.

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