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Second book released on ex-Hogan advisor Roy McGrath as fugitive search continues

Second book released on ex-Hogan advisor Roy McGrath as fugitive search continues
Second book released on ex-Hogan advisor Roy McGrath as fugitive search continues 00:54

BALTIMORE -- A second e-book has been released on Roy McGrath as a search for the fugitive continues. 

The former chief of staff to former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, McGrath has been the subject of a nationwide manhunt since he skipped out on his federal trial over two weeks ago. 

Since then, two books have been released, both by the same mysterious author. 

"Betrayed: The True Story of Roy McGrath" by author "Ryan Cooper" was released March 22, 10 days after he went missing. Nine days later, "Betrayed: The True Story of the Maryland Environmental Service" was published Friday on Amazon as an e-Book. 

The 41-page sequel appears to cover McGrath's tenure as the Executive Director of the Maryland Environmental Service prior to his post as chief of staff for Hogan in the summer of 2020.

"In this second entry of the BETRAYED series, we'll look at the [Maryland Environmental Service] story and why it was so central to the decision by Lyin' Larry Hogan to collude to persecute and prosecute Roy McGrath," the description reads. 

We can't confirm much about the author Ryan Cooper, but we do know McGrath told multiple people he was working on a manuscript.

The first book quickly joined Amazon Kindle's best sellers. It was relatively short, just 51 pages, and paints a rosy picture of McGrath.

The book is highly critical of the former governor, describing Hogan as secretive, back-stabbing, and nicknaming him "Lyin' Larry."
WJZ could not verify the book's author.

A central issue in the book is the allegation of theft with which McGrath is charged and pleaded not guilty.

The book claims Hogan approved of a six-figure severance for McGrath to leave MES to join him in the governor's office.

McGrath began to record phone calls, the book says, "to protect himself from a looming scandal." He was ultimately indicted on charges of fraud, theft and falsifying documents.

"Betrayed" includes multiple hand-written notes from the governor and cites a press release from Hogan, accepting McGrath's resignation 'with regret' writing that McGrath was someone "with the highest character."

The book is critical of the Hogan administration's propensity to use message-deleting communication apps and the governor's purchase of faulty Korean COVID-19 test kits.

It concludes with the claim Hogan "betrayed Roy McGrath"

It says skipping his trial is unlike him and hints at a future book, in part, about McGrath's disappearance. It is unclear if the book released Friday is the book in question.

A spokesperson for Hogan called the accusations "bizarre and baseless." Hogan is set to be a witness at McGrath's federal trial should McGrath be apprehended.

The U.S. Marshals Service and FBI combined to offer a $20,000 reward for information that leads to McGrath's arrest.

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