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New Poll Shows Dixon & Pugh Are Front-Runners In Mayoral Race

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- In the new Sun poll, Catherine Pugh takes the lead over longtime frontrunner Sheila Dixon in the Baltimore mayor's race. The state senator and the former mayor are now two points apart.

Political reporter Pat Warren spoke with the two candidates leading the race.

Those two points mean the mayor's race is now a dead heat.

Busy, busy, busy.

"I'm 48 hours, three hours sleep, 48 hours, three hours sleep," Pugh said.

"Meeting voters, calling them," Dixon said. "We're going to be doing TV; we're going to be doing mailers."

That's what it takes to win this race: a two point difference between first place Catherine Pugh and second place Sheila Dixon.

"I tell folks this city can move forward, not backwards," Pugh said.

Pugh's TV ads characterize her opponent as a move backwards.

"I'm that person who galvanizes folks. I'm that person who will push us forward," she said.

Asked about Pugh taking the lead, Dixon remains confident.

"I am not shocked because I have a solid group of supporters and commitment and her new support is soft," Dixon said.

The two have battled it out in the past.

"She's run for city-wide office before when she challenged me for president of city council and then for mayor. She currently is neglecting her responsibility down in the senate because it's 90 days, so how are you serving your constituents when you should be down there representing them?" Dixon said.

Pugh was at the State House when we talked to her Thursday.

"We've got almost 49 days to go and we are excited about this race," she said.

It's safe to say this poll is lighting a fire in this race but there's plenty of time for those numbers to shift.

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