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Motorists Likely To Run Into Delaware Traffic This Holiday Weekend

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— Not only will you have to contend with high gas prices, but if you're hitting the highway this holiday weekend, you'll likely run into a major traffic problem.

Weijia Jiang has the warning being issued to drivers.

The major roadblock is up north along I-95 and unfortunately there's already a lot of traffic building up.

Another holiday weekend brings another headache for drivers.

"We've been on 95 all the way and it's just stop and go all the way up and there's a lot of construction," said Neil Carfora, of Virginia.

DelDOT, Delaware's transportation department, warns one project in particular is causing major traffic delays this Easter.

The 1-95 Newark toll plaza is still in reconstruction, so there's reduced toll lane access and altered traffic patterns.

"I bet everyone was trying to get on the road a day in advance so they could avoid traffic. Now everyone's on the road at the same time hitting traffic together," said Andrea Morgan, of Massachusetts.

To help ease congestion at the plaza during other holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, DelDOT waived toll fees. But a spokesperson says they are not doing that for Easter. Drivers will have to pay as usual.

"Many of times these bridges are built with the intention once they've paid for themselves, tolls should be eliminated completely," said Maureen Malazzo, of New York. "I'm sure the bridge has paid for itself many, many times over."

For now, those heading north can't avoid the tolls but drivers have their own ways of getting over it.

"You really have to be patient so you have to settle in and take your time," said James Neville, driver.

DelDOT expects the congestion to last through Monday evening. Staff members monitoring the plaza will expedite the clearing of any accidents that may happen.

The toll plaza project is expected to wrap up this summer.

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