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Marylanders Roll Up Sleeves To Help Those Suffering In Philippines

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Nearly a week after Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, hundreds of thousands of victims continue to struggle to survive.

Almost 600,000 people are homeless. Clinics are overflowing with those in need of medical attention, and crowds of children are begging for food and water along roadsides.

Filipinos living the U.S. are desperate to help their homeland.

Kai Jackson talks to local groups gathering to take action.

Marylanders continue to roll up their sleeves to help those suffering in the Philippines.

Hardship continues in the Philippines as people fight to survive without basic necessities. Last week, Typhoon Haiyan engulfed the island nation with sustained winds of 195 miles per hour.

Though it's expected to go higher, an estimated 4,500 people were killed in the superstorm that flattened everything in its path.

"It is to rally the Filipino leaders to help the typhoon victims in the Philippines," said Sony Florendo, Foundation for Air to the Philippines.

At the Baltimore County library in Towson, members of the Filipino community meet with members of area rotary clubs and a humanitarian group called Disaster Aid USA. They're trying to find ways to get critical food, water and supplies to those most in need.

"We hope to more or less raise funds for rotary, to provide shelter, to provide solar lighting, to provide waterproof blankets," said Bob Grill, Disaster Aid USA.

Members of the Filipino community, area rotary clubs and Disaster Aid USA hope their partnership has a big impact on helping people in the Philippines.

"I have two aunts who were there," said Florendo.

Sony Florendo grew up in the Philippines and still has family there. After the storm hit, two of her elderly aunts were missing.

"They were found two days ago in the second floor of their house," she said. "They are OK now. They have been relocated."

Early Friday morning, the American Red Cross will send a new team of disaster specialists to the Philippines. If you would like to help support their mission, call 1-800-RED-CROSS or click here.

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