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Maryland Weather: Won't Feel Like February

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- If you liked yesterday just cut and paste it on today, and there you have the forecast. Well, almost. Actually add a few degrees to the afternoon high.

It looks like 57 degrees is a good number. And we will be at 57 degrees tomorrow and even warmer on Saturday.

Do note that this afternoon we will have a bit of a breeze around but nothing that will diminish the warmth of the sun and a legitimate early February chance to get out and get some "me time."

Go out and get some fresh air. And open those windows too. We are on a four day run that will allow us to get the Winter's stuffiness out of  our homes.

Not to be a buzz kill but we do have to start watching a pretty dramatic downturn in temps with a cold frontal passage late Saturday afternoon that will set the scene for a potential storm running up the coast on Sunday to give us a little snow.

Now should that happen given the warmth of the many day's before we are fairly sure that roads will be just wet. And let's face it Sunday is a big deal any weekend, but this is Super Bowl weekend and many of you may have plans to roll out and enjoy the day with friends.

We will certainly keep an eye on this for you. But let's review the scenario as we have it now.

(NOTE this will be an evolving situation as many potential coastal events are.)

Modeling shows a Low forming off the Georgia coast. It will move North. But it will encounter that cold front sliding off to the East.

The question will be how far does the front try to push the Low away from us. Farther out to sea and the Low is no big deal. Closer to the coast the Low could be a big deal. Right now we are playing this in the center line of a potential track, and leaning toward "some snow showers" as a solution. And again with just wet roads.

But again this will change over the next few days so "stay tuned."

In the meantime enjoy the next couple of days. Gifts from Nature this time of the year are meant to be savored.

-Marty B!


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