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Loved Ones Desperate For Answers As Search For Missing Toddlers Continues

GERMANTOWN, Md. (WJZ)—Missing for weeks. The search continues for two Montgomery County toddlers. Sarah and Jacob Hoggle were last seen alive with their mother Catherine in September. Family and friends remain desperate for answers

Rick Ritter has the latest on the search efforts.

Search teams came up empty handed yet again, but they say no news is good news--giving them hope that both children are still alive.

It's been one exhaustive search after the other. Countless flyers have been posted throughout the state. But there is still no sign of Sarah and Jacob Hoggle.

"Within a blink of an eye, all of our lives have changed and this is what we live every day," said Raelane Turner, aunt of missing children.

Early September, the last time 3-year-old Sarah and 2-year-old Jacob are seen alive with their mother Catherine.

After days of searching, police found Hoggle alone and arrested her.

Hoggle remains in a psychiatric cell in Jessup, insisting her children are still alive but toying with police about their whereabouts.

"I'm constantly scared because I don't know where they are and I don't know who has them," said Troy Turner, father of missing children.

The children's father, Troy Turner, determined to find them but was devastated.

"My job as a father, number 1 job is to protect my kids and I made a choice that didn't allowed me to do that," Turner said.

On Saturday, another desperate search in a Montgomery County wooded area reels in strangers and volunteers from all over.

"I can only imagine, they just want answers right now," said Joe Bauer, volunteer from West Virginia.

As sleepless nights and prayers continue, hope is never lost.

"It's extremely frustrating, very upsetting," Raelane Turner said. "We believe the kids, the kids will come home. They are safe out there. Our faith is what keeps us going."

Hoggle is charged with abduction and hindering an investigation.

Police are pursuing a homicide case against her.

A new court filing this week says Hoggle isn't competent to stand trial.

Volunteers interested in helping search for the toddlers can meet at the Germantown Community Center on Sunday at 10 a.m.

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