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Keion Carpenter Joins The Scott Garceau Show

Keion Carpenter Joins the Scott Garceau Show

Former NFL defensive back Keion Carpenter joins the Scott Garceau show to talk Ravens football, including the implementation of Kubiak's offense.

With the Baltimore Ravens implementing a brand new offensive playbook under Gary Kubiak, there are many players at different positions who must adjust their game to the scheme.

"The beauty of having OTA's and all of the mini camps is giving guys a chance to gel together pretty quickly," said Carpenter.

Kieon, a former safety, also pointed out that Defensive players must adjust the way they attack the Ravens as well. "Your play action almost always looks the same as the run. It freezes your linebackers and sometimes your safeties. They key is going to be whether Joe can make the reads in time," said Carpenter.

"It's also an offensive back's best friend. The running back gets to choose his holes and work around the linebackers. He could start one way and cut it all the way back across the other tackle," Carpenter added.

"I think it's a perfect scheme for Ray Rice, because his move is the cutback, and I think it'll be tough for defenders to stop."

As far as the passing game within the new scheme is concerned, Carpenter noted that the NFL's rule changes could possibly make the Ravens' new scheme even more advantageous than when he played. "Back then, you could actually tackle and hit receivers. Right now, you can't even breath on them. it certainly allows for more physical play from the receivers off play action."

If the Ravens' offensive attack lives up to the potential Carpenter thinks it has, Baltimore will be much improved in 2014.

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