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Jury Deliberates On $150M In Damages Sought In Improper Stent Case

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)-- First the verdict, now the penalty. The civil lawsuit of former cardiologist Mark Midei entered the damages phase Monday.

Alex DeMetrick has details of the millions at stake and why Maryland's biggest casino owner is now involved.

David Cordish is going to be called to the witness stand. What the man behind the Maryland Live! casino has to say may determine whether millions of dollars in damages will be awarded to his ex-partner.

When stents were placed into the heart of businessman Glenn Weinberg, he says he thought he had severe heart disease--until the lawsuits hit charging that Dr. Mark Midei performed the procedure when it wasn't needed on thousands of patients. Many have settled out of court. Last week, a jury found in Weinberg's favor. Now the jury has been called back to decide damages owed Weinberg, based in large part on his past dealings with Cordish.

For 21 years, Weinberg and Cordish were partners until Weinberg says he feared for his health.

In opening statements, Weinberg's lawyer said, `He went from his type A, all in, `I love my job' to he's not working as hard, putting in the hours."

The lawyer said that David Cordish told Weinberg, "You're either all in or you're all out."

"When [Weinberg] found out he had a healthy heart, he tried to get his job back, but Cordish said, `When you leave me, you can't come back,'" the lawyer said.

During those years Weinberg thought he was ill, Cordish went on to open the Maryland Live! casino and other projects. Weinberg's lawyers say if he hadn't received a faulty diagnosis, he would have received four percent of the profits from the St. Louis Ballpark Village, Philadelphia Xfinity Live, a Las Vegas consulting contract and Maryland Live!

In Weinberg's open letter to the jury, his lawyer says that lost income totaled $58 million. Other damages for things like emotional distress could bring it up to $150 million.

In his opening statement, Midei's lawyer said Weinberg's numbers are speculation and that David Cordish will testify what the amounts might have been had Weinberg stayed with the company.

During the opening statements, it was revealed Glenn Weinberg made tens of millions of dollars during his time with Cordish and left the company a wealthy man.

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