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'I Want To Get Better At Everything' | Lamar Jackson Still Eyeing Super Bowl In 2021

ORLANDO, Fla. (WJZ) -- Lamar Jackson and 11 Ravens are in Orlando this week for the Pro Bowl, but it doesn't mean they aren't still thinking about the Super Bowl and next season.

His biggest lesson learned: "You got to take advantage [of every opporuntity], see what's in front of you."

Jackson said he's already looking at next season and what the team can improve on to get the Super Bowl.


"Everything. We want a Super Bowl, so we're going to work on everything, getting better myself, and everybody gonna do their part," the quarterback said.

Jackson said the team wasn't planning on the season-ending so early after a 12 game winning streak.

"I want to get better at everything," Jackson said. "[There's] always room for improvement. You know. I'm not the greatest -- I'm trying to get there."

But Jackson's still grateful to play in the Pro Bowl

"I'm around some of the best in the game," he said. "I'm grateful for this opportunity, [because] I could have been home on my couch, you know, not even selected for the Pro Bowl."

He said he's having fun with his 11 teammates and meeting some great guys around the league.

"I feel like we had one of the best teams in the league, we got a great group of guys," Jackson said.

When asked if the Heisman or the NFL MVP award is better, Jackson responded "Both. I like them both."

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