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How cold will it get in Maryland this winter? Expect some cold snaps

Will it snow in Maryland this year? WJZ meteorologists predict this winter's weather
Will it snow in Maryland this year? WJZ meteorologists predict this winter's weather 05:24

BALTIMORE -- As we look ahead to winter and wonder what kind of season we're in for, temperatures will play a crucial role. 

After all, the difference of a degree or two determines if we see rain, snow, or the dreaded wintry mix!

Winter arrives on December 21, and in the weeks leading up to the new season, NOAA's temperature outlook shows equal chances for above and below-normal temperatures.

That changes in their temperature predictions for December, January, and February. Those three months as a whole are leaning above normal in Maryland.

The normal temperature for December in Maryland is 38.6°, 34.3° for January, and 36.6° for February. Last winter, December ran a tad cooler, with an average temperature of 37.5°.


The beginning of 2023 was significantly milder than normal with temperatures averaging 43.9° in January and 44.7° in February. 

If you recall, those warm temperatures left Baltimore with its least snowy winter on record!

We picked up two-tenths of an inch one day in February, and that was it. 

Now, even though temperatures seem to be leaning milder over the next few months, there are also expected to be a few cold snaps.

And we know all it would take is precipitation to line up with one of those shots of cold air and we could get a significant winter weather event. 

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