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'His heroic behavior is nothing new': 70-year-old rescues two from aftermath of Pigtown explosion

'His heroic behavior is nothing new': 70-year-old rescues two from aftermath of Pigtown explosion
'His heroic behavior is nothing new': 70-year-old rescues two from aftermath of Pigtown explosion 02:54

BALTIMORE -- Terry Bagley, a 70-year-old military veteran, is fighting for his life after rescuing a woman and a teenage girl from the aftermath of an explosion in Baltimore's Pigtown neighborhood.

Bagley, who remains in critical condition, was walking by the home on Bayard Street in Southwest Baltimore Tuesday when a home exploded and went up in flames, a family member told WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren.

"I want the story to be out there that a 70-year-old put his life on the line to save two people," Bagley's son said.

The good Samaritan then rushed into action, helping a 16-year-old girl and a 48-year-old woman out of danger, according to Baltimore City Fire Chief Roman Clark. According to officials, the two are stable.

"His heroic behavior is nothing new" Bagley's son said. "I think that every child should look up to their father. Every child should be proud of their father. I am very proud of what he did but I am also scared."  

Bagley's son told WJZ his dad was responsive.

"I must say before you came out here, he opened up his eyes," his son said. "He wiggled his toes. He moved his hands. I called his name and it showed that he got some type of response but he goes in and out. It looks like it is getting better, and I am thankful to God for that."


Officials responded Tuesday to an explosion that involved several homes and a ruptured gas line.

Chopper 13 flew over the scene on Bayard Street where a home was completely demolished.


Many people in the neighborhood heard a "boom" when the explosion happened.

"It sounded like somebody took a hand grenade and threw it and it went boom," said Dale, a neighborhood resident.

People who live in the area told WJZ reporter Kelsey Kushner that construction crews have been working on gas lines for about a month. They said they smelled gas leading up to the explosion.

BGE, and its private contractors, confirmed they had been working on fixing and upgrading a gas main in the same area as the explosion.

"I was at my kitchen table, eating, and the next thing you know there was a big explosion; it was a big boom," one woman said. "It was very loud. It kind of knocked me out of my chair."

The woman said she ran to her front door and realized that something went wrong with a gas line.

Another neighborhood resident, James, said he was one of several neighbors who watched as the house went up in flames.

"You hear pop, pop, pop, and everybody said it's about to explode again," James said.  

Fire officials said BGE crews worked to eventually cut off a ruptured gas line.  

"He's a Marine and he always treated his friends with care and compassion. He would always be there for them.

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