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Father: White House Jumper Has Mental Health Issues

BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) -- Yet another breach at the White House is once again raising questions about security there. WJZ learns the Harford County man taken down by Secret Service has a criminal past and a history of mental illness.

Investigator Mike Hellgren spoke with the suspect's father, who says this is not his son's first arrest at the White House.

He was arrested near the White House in July. Several incidents like this have caused concern. This time, the president was inside. The suspect's father detailed what led up to the incident.

Dominic Adesanya's father watched on television as his son fought with Secret Service K9s on the White House lawn. The ordeal started just an hour and a half earlier when he accidentally set down his car keys at the family's home in Bel Air.

"When I went down to do the laundry I saw him running out the door. I opened the door to look and see if he was outside and the car was gone," Victor Adesanya said. "The next thing we know is we're getting calls from Secret Service. We turn on the TV, there he is kicking the dog."

Victor Adesanya says his son suffers from mental illness and that three hospitals have documented paranoia.

"He's been cutting the walls looking for cameras. He's been trying to get into the attic looking for cameras," Adesanya said. "He did what he wanted to do and that is to see the president, not to hurt him, but just to talk to the president."

His sons actions have again raised concern about White House security, coming just weeks after a knife-wielding man was able to make it all the way into the East Room. That, and other lapses led to congressional hearings and the eventual resignation of the Secret Service director.

"It's clear that our security plan was not properly executed," said Julia Pierson, former Secret Service director.

WJZ has confirmed Adesanya was arrested in July for trespassing at the U.S. Treasury Department--again, wanting to speak to the president. But the government did nothing to get him mental health help.

"I hope he can heal from this. You can see him jumping the fence. He needs help. He's got to be willing to want help, and he doesn't want help. He thinks he's OK, and he's not," his father said.

Dominic Adesanya appeared in court Thursday afternoon. He was wearing several bandages and appeared agitated, trying to yell at the judge, who ordered a psychiatric evaluation to be completed by the time of his next court appearance on Monday.

Adesanya attended Stevenson University last year, where he was on the track team. His father says he snapped after not making it on the school's football team and his mental health gradually deteriorated.

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