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Family of man allegedly shot, killed by squeegee worker to file suit against Baltimore City

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BALTIMORE --- The family of Timothy Reynolds, the man allegedly shot and killed by a squeegee worker last month in downtown Baltimore, has notified the city of its intent to sue.

The family believes Reynolds' death just over seven weeks ago "would have been prevented" if Baltimore City leaders had "done their job", according to a press release from the family's attorney.

The lawsuit intends to seek damages from not only Baltimore City but also numerous city leaders.

Reynolds' widow and his three children and parents claim the city leaders failed to protect the citizens, residents and visitors of Baltimore from a known danger.

"Unfortunately, these issues in Baltimore City are out of control," says Michael B. Snyder, counsel for the Reynolds' family. "City officials can't stand by and allow this illegal activity to continue anymore. Choosing not to enforce laws, make arrests and prosecute offenders, who knowingly put the public at risk, is beyond negligence, it's gross negligence."

The shooting unfolded about 4:30 p.m. July 7 near the corner of Light and Conway streets. Police said there was an initial confrontation between the workers and Reynolds, who parked his car and got out armed with the bat. He was advancing toward the group when he was shot, police said. 

The suspect took off before police arrived, but within a week a 15-year-old was charged with homicide in connection with the shooting. 

Snyder showed WJZ the damage to Reynolds' car that allegedly caused him to get out and confront the squeegee workers, who he says were responsible.

"You can see some damage to the front of his car," Snyder said. "Mr. Reynolds, after having his car damaged, was one of those people who said 'I've had enough.'"

Reynolds got out of his car with his son's baseball bat and allegedly swung at the workers. 

"He swung it at everybody," a squeegee worker previously told WJZ. 

Prosecutors say one of the squeegee workers threw a rock at him and Reynolds became disoriented. He was allegedly walking away when he was shot.

Police initially said Reynolds swung the bat at the squeegee workers, but would not answer questions last month regarding Reynolds' exact actions and what led them to charge the teenager with murder. But Police Commissioner Michael Harrison did say they "have a strong case."  

WJZ previously viewed the only known video of the incident - from a dash cam several cars back. There's no clear view of the confrontation, but several shots can be heard. 

The teen faces eight adult, felony charges that could land him in prison for life. His attorneys have said the case should be tried in juvenile court, but an indictment earlier this month means the case will stay in adult courts. 

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