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Drivers Brace For Major Congestion On I-95

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Major road work and major headaches for drivers on I-95 through parts of Baltimore. Urgent construction will cause lane closures and congestion.

Marcus Washington has more on how to avoid the backups.

Changes to I-95 are not something commuters want to hear as they begin their work week.

"Especially going to work. It's frustrating trying to get there in time. And then, after you finish eight hours of grueling work, you have another two, sometimes three, hours getting back home," said Bill Ward.

The $64 million preservation project will certainly alter routes and commute times for many drivers. WJZ went to see if drivers knew what to expect.

Here is the breakdown: All northbound lanes of I-95 have shifted to the right between Caton Avenue and Russell Street for six weeks.

On Saturday, March 28, traffic southbound on I-95 will split after the Fort McHenry Tunnel for eight weeks.

And beginning March 30, northbound lanes of I-95 will split with three lanes to the left and one lane to the right between Hanover Street and Key Highway.

If traveling north on I-95 and you want to avoid all the traffic and construction, you can take 895 or you can take 695 over to Route 1 or 295.

"I'll usually take back roads and stuff to get in. I'll come down 40 or I'll come down Route 1 just to skip all the traffic because it gets stupid sometimes," said Matthew Peterson.

Constructed in the mid 1970s, I-95 is in need of some repair. It's a change that drivers say you just have to roll with.

"It has to be done, so we just have to find another way of getting around it," said Ward.

"You kind of have to know and plan ahead and expect sometimes that you're going to run into traffic," said Peterson.

The project is completely funded through toll revenue.

The full I-95 preservation project is slated for completion in October.

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